Eric was born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Eric began his musical endeavors at a young age, growing up with a piano in the house. When he was 13 years old, he began taking trumpet lessons and playing with the middle school band. He worked on his trumpet skills, but eventually began to pursue other instruments. At age 15 Eric decided he wanted to be a guitar player. In tenth grade he signed up for guitar class, one of the optional electives at his school.  Thus, began his formal guitar training, which consisted of a mostly unmonitored classroom setting in a room full of guitars, which everyone helped themselves to and took home. They were Teisco guitars.  Eric was given a Fender acoustic guitar for his High School graduation present by his parents. As Eric’s influences developed his favorite guitar players were Steve Howe from Yes, John McLaughlin of the Mahavishnu Orchestra  Al Dimeola of Return to Forever. Eric began attending Franklin & Marshall College and his College career was launched. He enrolled in courses of Philosophy, Composition, Music and Literature for the next few semesters. Feeling that Franklin and Marshall College did not have a modern enough Music department, Eric was off to Berklee College of Music in Boston Mass. Eric attended Berklee College of Music because he heard that Al Dimeola, one of his favorite Jazz guitarists, studied there. Eric pursued aggressively a mathematical jazz music education and was extremely edified by the curriculum of Berklee, where he studied arranging, harmony, listening analysis, instrumental performance and ear training. In addition, Eric has discovered and designed his own chord and scale theory’s unlike any other known techniques.