Eric J. Charles





  Eric is a Guitarist, Multi Instrumentalist, Singer, Songwriter, Pro Tools Certified Recording Engineer and Producer located in Los Angeles. Eric specializes in Progressive Rock Guitar and Keyboards, as well as  Acoustic Guitar with Latin, Jazz, Classical and Folk Influences accented by his eclectic virtuoso styling’s. One of the founding members of the band Animation,  Eric has a developed an extensive repertoire of original music. Eric also offers a complete array of Production Services including Audio Recording, Midi Programming and Live Mobile Sound and Video Recording Services.


    Eric has studied at Berklee College of Music and Audiograph International. His diverse skill set includes Reading, Recording, Midi Programming, Transcription and Engineering.

Eric is available to bring his expertise to session work or live gigs. Eric has posted several sound bytes of his original compositions and some musical transcriptions he has done of other artists representative of some of his skills as a Studio or Live Musician.


Recording Engineer-MIDI Programmer-Studio Musician-Songwriter


Specializing as an engineer or producer for musical recording projects, sound editing or post production. Also specializing as a studio Musician and in MIDI programming and Virtual Instruments.



Audiograph International (Santa Monica): Certified in Pro Tools 210m (Operator Level in Music) and 210p (Operator Level in Post Production) in 2010.


HACC (Harrisburg Area Community College): Completed course work in Music Marketing and MIDI programming.


Berklee College of Music: Skilled in Reading, writing, arranging, transcription and performance.


Franklin and Marshall College: Music History, Composition, Literature and Philosophy.


Recording Experience: Recording with computer-based DAWs since 1995 specializing in Mac based Pro Tools as well as PC based Cakewalk and Sonar. Designer and builder of home audio computer based workstations. Mixing and recording live sound live sound at various sized venues.


Additional Qualities: Recording artist and performer for many years as well as composer-lyricist and multi-instrumentalist (guitar, keyboard, bass, drums and harmonica).